Exotic Car Rental - Driving Large on a Mini-Van Budget

Have you ever looked longingly at a Ferrari or Maserati sitting beside you at a stop light? Did you watch with envy as it nimbly disappeared into the distance as you coaxed your practical family transport to blend in with the rest of the "practical" cars in the traffic? Maybe it's time to experience life on the other side of the tail lights with an exotic car rental.Maybe you're out of town on business and just don't feel yourself behind the wheel of a Grand Cherokee. You are already missing your Hummer, back home at the airport parking lot. You need to find an exotic car rental agency.

For that special occasion, the proposal, the big grand opening, opening night at the theater-when only arriving in a Porche will make the right statement, you need an exotic car rental. After all, you've bought the ring, you've rented the tux, why not rent your ride to match?If you've ever taken a cruise or spent a weekend at an expensive golf resort and thought you'd rather be doing something else, like winding along coast or mountain highways with the throbbing sensation of power and superb handling that only a fine sports car can deliver, you need an exotic car rental. And it won't cost any more than that vacation you didn't enjoy nearly as much.

Most major cities have exotic car rental agencies with a wide range of makes and models, but dealers in smaller cities may also have demonstrators for rent. The daily rental rates average about one percent of the sticker price on the car, per day, about what you would pay for a luxury hotel room or a stateroom on a cruise. Of course, the availability of an exotic car rental depends on your age and driving record, to an even greater extent than with a standard car rental, and the insurance coverages will be much higher.

The distinction between a luxury car and an exotic car is somewhat a matter of taste: luxury cars are made for comfort and dependability as well as power. Exotic cars are built for performance-speed and handling, or, like the Hummer, the ability to go almost anywhere on or off road, in style. Your exotic car rental will not only outperform everything below its class on the road, but the same attention to detail in the engineering and construction extends to the accessories and appointments. If you drive one at home, why settle for less when you are traveling?

If you are interested in an exotic car rental to fulfill a dream or just to experience how the "other side" lives, be prepared for a surprise, or a steep learning curve. These cars are characterized by two things: power and responsiveness. Most have in excess of 400 horsepower, for quick acceleration and high top speed, and the steering and suspension to keep controllable at high speed. For an enjoyable experience, make sure your driving skills are up to the challenge, and drive responsibly.
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